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How Psychographic Profiling Will Evolve

The entire theme of the article can be summed up by the last paragraph:

We have seen a similar upheaval in marketing before. In the 1960s, marketers who embraced the power of television, broad-based insights into psychology and demographic data created world-class brands and billions of dollars in value. At that time, if you didn’t advertise on TV, you lost. Today’s new tools offer a similar choice: Build a deep understanding of your customer, or risk irrelevance.

Psychographic profiling, which will need to include not only social data, but life cycle changes over time, will allow a highly granular approach to targeting consumers.  For example, noting a change of address may trigger a new product ad, or an ad for a new, useful product for those who have moved.  If data gets deeper, say, we notice a switch from an apartment number to a house, we might switch from cleaning supply ads to lawnmower ads. 

By embracing the possibilities that psychographic profiling will provide, we will allow ourselves, as marketers, to become more effective brand builders and sales leaders.

Takeaway: If you’re not ready to do it now, just keep your eye on this trend.  Chances are that down the line, this will become an effective tool in the online marketing mix.

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