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Social Media & QR Code Campaign Integration

The importance of the QR code should be on the final destination, with a focus on designing the user experience and integrating with multiple media, including social media.  Today I ran across a tweet that led to an exploration of the integration of QR code technologies with social media.  

The integration of QR code technologies can be a struggle, as a rich experience can typically be shared via social media on a desktop in lieu of the mobile phone, particularly if a user is already on a computer.  However, this integration can successfully supplement social outreach in a manner that doesn’t feel overtly forced.

ScanLife, an organization known for it’s versatile QR code platform, published a sponsored tweet that promotes a sweepstakes to attend the Webby Awards.


When users click the link, they are directed to an image posted on the ScanLife Facebook page, and prompted to scan the code.  The caption provides the remainder of the missing information, and informs users that they can come back daily to scan for a chance to win.image

My one complaint with this campaign is an execution flaw.  The mobile landing page, while designed to work well with mobile browsers, unfortunately did not have full functionality on my BlackBerry.  Hopefully other users are enjoying a better user experience, although this demonstrates the importance of carefully planning and testing the final destination.

Additionally, the ScanLife Facebook page offers users the chance to scan a QR code to enter the QR Code Lotto on their promos tab (powered by Involver).  This is a simple contest that will result in lots of engagement for ScanLife, and the landing page encourages users to Like the brand on Facebook or follow on Twitter.


Takeaway: With some creative brainstorming, there are nearly limitless applications for integration between QR codes, social media, and other traditional and digital media.

Contests will always remain a great engagement tool that can augment your number of fans or followers, but the level of loyalty will be significantly lower, so it is important that you consider how you can tie in mobile content with your social content in a way that provides consistent value to your fans.

For example, if you were to devise a campaign for a real estate organization, you might design a mobile landing page that displayed driving directions from signage, in conjunction with a QR code shared via Facebook or Twitter that connects users with a specific home or floorplan that they may be interested in, and offers the opportunity to share with their contacts via SMS or email, all without interrupting their Facebook experience.

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